2020 British Property Impartial Buyer‘s Extensive Guide


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Table Of Contents.

英國法律上房產產權主 UK Land Law & Property Legal Ownership

永久產權 Freehold Property

擁有永久業權 Having A Freehold 

購買永久業權 Buying The Freehold

土地租借權 Leasehold Property 

購買土地租借權的物業 Declining Value Of Leasehold 

土地租借權物業持有人的權利和責任 Leaseholder Rights And Responsiblities 

管理費及其他費用 Service Charges And Other Expenses 

延長,更改或終止 Extending, changing or ending a lease 

永久權股權人 Share of Freehold 

租賃房屋 Leasehold House 

土地共同拥有形式 Commonhold Property 

土地共同拥有形式評估 Commonhold Assessment 


英國房產產權 UK Property Ownership

土地共同拥有形式物業 UK Property Ownership 
唯一擁有人 Sole Proprietor 
聯權共有人 (俗稱「長命契」) Joint Tenants
分權共有 Shared Ownership 
未分股的共同產權 Tenants in Common 
幫助購買  Help to Buy


英國房產相關的稅收 UK Property Related Taxes

印花稅 / 釐印費 Stamp Duty Land Tax

目前的收費 Current charges 

基本印花稅率 Basic Stamp Duty Rates And Thresholds

基本印花稅計算示例 An Example Of A Basic Stamp Duty Calculation

以租養房 / 第二房屋所獲得更高的印花稅率 Buy To Let / Second Home Higher  Stamp Duty Rates And Thresholds

附加印花稅的示例 An Example Of Additional SDLT

折扣(救濟) Discount (Relief) 

印花稅適用於 SDLT Applies When You

個人所得稅 Income Tax On UK Property

現時英國所得稅(2020/2021) UK Income Tax Facts And Figures (2020/2021) 

房東所得稅 Income Tax For Landlords 

非英國居民房東計劃 Non-Resident Landlord Scheme 

資本利得稅 Capital Gains Tax 

英國僑民和英國非居民的規定 Rules For British Expats And UK Non-Resident Property Owners

扣除和計算 Deductions And Calculations

豁免和津貼 Exemptions And Allowances

公司形式房產年度税 Annual Tax On Enveloped Dwellings

現時ATED率 Current ATED Rates

評估和ATED減免 Valuations And ATED Reliefs And Exemptions


購買第一階段 - 按揭 Buying Stage 1 - Mortgage

我可負擔多少?How Much Can I Afford?

英國政府居者有其屋計劃 UK Government Affordable Home Ownership Schemes 

居者有其屋計劃:存款資助 Help to Buy: ISA

居者有其屋計劃:權益貸款 Help to Buy: Equity Loan

居者有其屋計劃:共享產權(僅英格蘭)Help to Buy: Shared Ownership (England Only)

英國按揭計劃 Ways You Can Repay UK Mortgage 

還款按揭 Repayment Mortgages

純利息按揭 Interest-Only Mortgage

部分還款和部分僅利息按揭 Part Repayment And Part Interest-Only Mortgage

英國按揭類型 UK Mortgage Types 

固定利率抵押 Fixed Rate Mortgage

跟踪器抵押 Tracker Mortgage

英國按揭類型 UK Mortgage Types 

自建按揭 Self-Build Mortgage

以租養房按揭 Buy To Let Mortgages

共享產權 Shared Ownership

共享股權 Shared Equity

新盤 New Homes

其他費用 Other Costs 

產品費用 Product Fee

估價費 Valuation Fee

律師/物業轉讓費 Legal/Conveyancing Fees

搬家費用 Removal Costs

印花稅土地稅 Stamp Duty Land Tax


購買第二階段 - 尋找物業 Buying Stage 2 - House Hunting

為您的投資作為最好選擇 Get The Best Out Of Your Investment

原則協議(AIP) Agreement In Principle (AIP)

知道房產用途  Know The Purpose Of The Property

開始搜尋 Start Searching 

物業搜索網站 Property search sites

獲取採購代理 Get a sourcing agent

詳細了解物業 Look At Property In Details 

為您的投資作為最好選擇  Get The Best Out Of Your Investment

實地參觀物業 Viewing A Property

常見問題 Typical Questions to Ask

外觀檢查 Visual Inspections


購買第三階段 - 完成交易 Buying Stage 3 - Making an Offer

完成交易 Complete The Deal 

開價 Making Your Offer 

地產代理 Estate Agent 

匯率 Currency Exchange Rate 

申請按揭 Apply for Mortgage 

所需時間 Time Required

所需文件 The Documents Required

產權轉讓和估價 Conveyancing & Valuations 

評估方案 Valuation Schemes

按揭評估 Mortgage Valuation

測量和評估 Survey and valuation

建築測量 Building survey

合同交換 Exchanging Contracts 

交換之前 Before you exchange

合同交換後 After exchange of contracts





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